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About Us

The J. Muszynski Memorial Museum of Pharmacy exists since 2008. It is located in a historical building on the Freedom Square, formerly the New Market in the very centre of Lodz. From here, began in 1830, the story of the pharmacy in our town. It closely connects with the history of the development of the Lodz town in XIX century, during the industrial rise in the city.

The museum rooms contains pharmacy interiors restored with great carethe, from late nineteenth and early twentieth century: Officine sanitatis, recipe, herbs room, library and lounge. Among the exhibits are valuable antique furniture, pharmacy, storage vessels and implements therapeutic agents for the production of various forms of drugs. We have a large collection of pharmacy and laboratory scales and mortar cast iron and porcelain, as well as a set of pharmacopoeia. Much interest has a museum guests prescription table, where you can admire the old signature appended to the ongoing drug prescription at the pharmacy and presented to prepare medicines in the form of powder and pills.

In addition to the permanent exhibition of the aforementioned we organize temporary exhibitions on topics related to the history of pharmacy, events, profiles of professional pharmacists and pharmacists, who played a major role in the development of pharmaceuticals.